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Raiders Of The Lost Crap

Raiders Of The Lost Crap

The second that Gary Reuter yanks up the green sliding metal door of a self-storage unit, the pack of hunters turns on its dozen flashlights.

There are 11 men and one woman, all around retirement age. Most wear canvas jackets or windbreakers, their heads topped with wool caps or wide-brimmed felt Western hats. They hold their industrial Black & Decker LED-beam flashlights over their heads and lean into the dark locker, like spelunkers peering into a cave. They bend to the left and right, moving around each other for a better view, taking care not to step over the concrete threshold of the doorway…


Why Do You Collect because i got to have all toys



Installation Photos – Oleksiuk

Here are a few of the photos I took during the installation of the class show at Mess Hall. If anyone needs any of these photos removed, please let me know. Enjoy.