Tim and Beth Kerr’s Halloween Home

Greetings from my last night in Austin, Texas. I’m here with Temporary Services for an exhibit at a space called testsite. One part of our project was to do interview booklets on the band The Dicks and with Tim Kerr (of Big Boys, Poison 13, Lord High Fixers and many other bands). We never got a chance to see any Dicks members who are still alive and/or in Austin but we had lots of time to spend with Tim Kerr, and as an added ultra punk bonus, we got to have lunch and hang out with Ian McKaye for a few hours while he was in town for a talk.

This morning, before going to one of many Mexican brunches, we briefly stopped at Tim and Beth’s house. They’ve lived there since the early 1980’s and their home is an incredible overwhelming trove of toys, music stuff, records, books, art by Tim and many other people, old Halloween costumes and punk rock and other music memorabilia. In a “Voodoo Shrine” – which I probably should have photographed – there were items that past house guests added like old fingerless skeleton gloves that Glenn Danzig contributed many years ago.

Here is the Halloween section of the house. Pretty much all of the house is filled with mini collections within collections but this area was a little extra focused:


The fridge:


Extra punk rock bonus: Alternate drawing for the cover of Minor Threat’s “Out of Step”:


Posted by Marc Fischer


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