Raychael Stine: Public Collections: 2 more interesting collections in business windows

I found a few collections and I decided to post them all since I found them and since my first found public collection is so small.

This is a store front collection of a business at 34th Street and Halsted in Bridgeport.  The business was closed and did not have a sign.  (I found the lack of sign odd, but maybe this shop closed permanently) I peered through the windows and saw that it looked like a taco place or some sort of fast food establishment. I found both of these collections while stopping for a bowl of sauerkraut soup to ease my cold at Healthy Food, The tiny, dusty and sweetly time-warped Lithuanian restaurant across the street.

In this public window display (apparently a taco shop) we have various antique machinery; two singer sewing machines, an old wooden radio, a camera box, scales, telephones, a type writer, a Telegraph machine (wow), a miniature Liberty bell, metal sculptures of cows and men golfing or working, made from industrial machine parts, Coke, White Sox, and Harley Davidson memorabilia, a tiny US Postal service mail box, a large black pin stating “I’m easy”, a WWF toy figure (possible bobble head doll?)–  All paired with a set of three long blond haired, pale skinned, Serape and sandal wearing sculpted figures with scary toothed faces, and a large red haired figure personifying death.

A few shops down from this window display is a Dog Grooming business.

The seasonal pairing of bloody hand prints and spiders with little figures of cute puppies. Right up my alley.

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