Collection 4: 1000 Block, W. Arlington Street

This was shot quickly with a video camera as I went by on the way to lunch on Taylor street. I was not immediately happy with the results, the reflection and video glitches. I went by last week and considered re-taking the pictures but decided that these are an entirely accurate representation of my impression of walking by this collection. I am not interested in stopping for it, or any nick-nack window collection, and only notice them as quick visual impressions of kitsch as I pass by. Several of the stills I pulled make me ask “What is it?” and I have the same question of the collection. “What is it that this person is doing, what is it that drives one to set up ceramic kitsch in a window? What is it that has resulted in me needing to document it for a class?”
Overall projects 2, 3 and 4 have required me to break my routine and take up the routine of someone who is on foot, active in the city, someone who is engaged on a pedestrian level. I don’t like it at all. I limit my interactions with Chicago as much as possible, I took the train for a few months and gave it up when it took 50 min to go 3 miles. I live in Berwyn, in what is very close to a panoptic prison condo. I am an avowed suburbanite, happily cut off from my neighbors, an alien to my own community.

-a trowbridge


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