Frank Film (1973) – Frank and Caroline Mouris

Academy Award Winner for Best Short Subject, Animated Film, Frank Film is the story of one man’s life told through his ever-growing collection of images.  (I apologize for the poor transfer quality)

Please enjoy.



2 responses to “Frank Film (1973) – Frank and Caroline Mouris

  1. MARIA J.
    this is the film that I thought you should see. The one I was looking for on youtube when we were going over framethief.

    This film is a great record of a collection and the exhibition is one of a kind!

  2. This is well worth the effort to watch and listen. The stamps are in the final 30 seconds 🙂 The voice was eerily reminiscent of either David Byrne or Mr. Rogers, and the overall audio effort evokes the Velvet Underground’s Murder Mystery.

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