Recreations of Album Covers with MS Paint

I thought I’d share this archive I recently created and have been continually adding to on Public Collectors. I discovered a trove of these album covers that people were creating for each others’ amusement on one internet discussion forum and made a web page for them. Then I introduced the users of another music discussion forum to the various examples. Those users were quite enchanted and dozens of people began making and posting their own album cover recreations – many drawn very quickly and often by people that had never used Paint or any other graphics program before in their lives. The results have been quite entertaining, but it has also been an enjoyable task to take images that were created for a discussion forum and make them a bit more public and separate from the conversation that has happened around them. The activity of recreating the album covers – figuring out how to distill their essence with a limited amount of time, colors, or electronic brushstrokes – is a really fun way to spend time with album art, as well as great music of course. This is a curated selection, which does not include every single example that has been produced (if it did, it would be at least twice as large!).

(posted by Marc Fischer)

Some examples. RIP Isaac Hayes.


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