update – American Second Wave Feminism

Burning Bra 2008 by Andrew Oleksiuk and Ti Mosienko

Burning Bra 2008 by Andrew Oleksiuk and Ti Mosienko

“Burning Bra 2008” – artists: Ti Mosienko and Andrew Oleksiuk
September 27 – October 5, Burning Life Festival
for more information on Burning Life, visit http://burninglife.secondlife.com/

“Burning Bra 2008” is a 3D model and assemblage that recalls the turbulent social fervor associated with second wave feminism in the United States in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It also pokes fun at the “lingerie culture” of Second Life. Bra burning as a metaphorical performative action by “women’s libbers” is a largely a myth. However, as such it typifies the confusion of social concerns of previous decades echoed by the cultural plurality of Second Life.

American second wave feminism is defined generally as the period of feminist activity between 1960-1979. It had social, political and cultural ramifications. During a difficult time in American history, American second wave feminism was discussed, broadcast, politicized, criticized, defined and driven underground. It was also known as the women’s movement, women’s liberation and other names. It had political and social goals but was often confused in the media with a lot of other turbulent cultural goings on at the time, and occasionally grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted by the media and society.

For more information on American second wave feminism, and its purposes, complications and results, see: https://collectingseminar.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/images-of-american-2nd-wave-feminism-purposes-complications-and-results-andrew-oleksiuk/

To visit “Burning Bra in Burning Life 2008” in the 3D virtual world Second Life visit:
(Second Life account required).


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