The Museum of Lost Interactions

A friend sent me a link to this exhibition. There were nine exhibits as part of the show, which I think happened a couple of years ago. It now lives here on their website. Before we all had iphones there were gadgets like the ones on this site.

I was reminded of this site, while reading the end of the interview with Tjebbe van Tijen in Deep Storage. He made a comment about how we needed to keep all the outdated machinery around to translate the Rosetta Stones of the future.


2 responses to “The Museum of Lost Interactions

  1. Wow, this had me fooled for a little while. But – if you actually spend a little time with the material presented here, you’ll notice one thing – this is all an elaborate HOAX! None of these devices are real. Look at the films. This seems to be a very creative class project whereby a fake history of media is presented – bizarre. Some of the stuff is quite clever, but the really fake films are the clear giveaway. Check out the 1900 Richophone for example – or the 1932 Social Communicator. This BBC article citing “a collection of fictional gadgets” seems to agree with me:
    The “global phenomenon” seems to show how important it is to carefully read and research things you find on the web.

  2. I posted this earlier, but I think my comment got swallowed by the big internet daemon. So here goes again: this site is actually an elaborate HOAX. None of these devices ever existed.

    If you spend any time with the material, specifically the videos, it pretty much gives it away. This BBC article supports my claim:

    Apparently this site has gotten around the internet quite a bit.

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