Swap-O-Rama Collection: Maria Gaspar

This collection was organized by various ideas in mind. 1. Representations of Indigenous Women, 2. Representations of Latin American Women, 3. Skin tone (relating to both Latin American and Indigenous Peoples), and 4. The “Other”. There exists some popular images like Disney’s Pocahontas, Mexico’s mass-produced “Mexican Doll” collectible of a supposed Indigenous handicraft, the classic Virgen Maria image and finally, Iris Chacon (considered to be one of Latin America’s most popular ” Vedette”. You can find great footage of her and her “charismatic” Puerto-Rican-ness on youtube, as well as her very voluptious body, which was mostly what she was known for…oh’ and her dance moves. Consider it a Pre-J-Lo preoccupation).

2 responses to “Swap-O-Rama Collection: Maria Gaspar

  1. This collection is better, Maria, probably because they are not photographs. Here the cultural contexts are somewhat removed making for a less jarring presentation. On the other hand, maybe this collection is a little less provocative, but you have changed the mood a little with your description as well (which is fine). I did check out Iris Chacon as you suggested and – oh my!

  2. Iris Chacon making David Letterman really uncomfortable:

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