Image Collection – Assignment No. 2


2 responses to “Image Collection – Assignment No. 2

  1. I dived into the archives without a preconceived plan, letting my plan form after I started digging around and pulling out things I liked. Out of the mound I pulled images that looked good together in groups and as a whole, seeming to speak of technology and its relationship to the body.

  2. Orson,

    I think this was a good approach to take and the collection coheres for me despite the diverse range of sources and content. Themes emerge – like hand gestures and people interacting with machinery. There are a number of fragments – parts of the body, body accessories like glasses, and machinery like the striking image of the isolated metal hinge. Then there is the theme of detail and enlargement – enlarged hands and enlarged products. The placement of the images keeps me moving between them – making connections and also seeing connections fall apart between pictures. I think this collection has enough logic to show obvious thought and care, but it also gives the viewer a generous amount of space to find relationships or invent narratives.

    It helps that the pictures have a pretty narrow range of color and printed textural qualities. It is easy to move between them without much visual dissonance. This also makes them work as a whole.

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