reanimation library

hey here is an interesting collection in brooklyn. they collect discarded library books from book sales, thrift stores, and many other places.



One response to “reanimation library

  1. Thank you very much for posting this Rebbecca. It’s a terrific project that I hope we’ll have some time to discuss at some point during the class. I badly want to visit this place. The group I’m in, Temporary Services, took part in a show there but we couldn’t travel for it.

    Seen together, I think the the books in this collection easily argue for their individual and collective importance and force a conversation about what public libraries accord value to and what they choose to discard as “obsolete” or “outdated”. Many of the photos that the class looked through at Harold Washington Library for the Picture Collection assignment probably came from similar books to those that form the bulk of this library’s collection.

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