bird collection – rebecca grady

I went to swaporama with a couple of loose plans. They didn’t really work out. But I found this giant (well not giant…..maybe big) penguin and decided to build a collection around it. I decided to find a bunch of birds to go with it. It was more difficult than i expected. I got a little uncomfortable when I reached the live bird cages outside. What better way to complete the collection than to place a real bird with all these ceramic/metal/plastic replicas? And a little creepy. But I really don’t want a bird. I tried to buy some of the fake birds that were in the cages, but he wouldn’t sell them.

the collection is in process of being dispersed. the penguin is now a doorstop in my studio. my mom is getting the rooster. ( i hope that it will maybe distract the dogs and wolves from her chickens), and my friend marian has the bejeweled pin. if you think that any of the other birds need to go somewhere special, let me know.


One response to “bird collection – rebecca grady

  1. As I mentioned in class, birds are a popular theme in all kinds of collections. Some people collect glass or crystal, some people collect only crystal or glass birds. Some stamp collectors collect only stamps with birds on them from all countries (a topical collection). Further I wonder if a narrower theme might be challenging further subdividing into order, family, genus, species, etc, or simply 10 different penguins, or 10 different woodpeckers. Similarly if you had found a t-shirt or a sticker or decal with a bird on it, would that work for you or was collecting non-2D objects the goal here for you?

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