The Real American Hero circa 1982 – Jeremiah Spofford

My Swap-o-rama collection took the form of 15 G.I. Joe action figures and one winged action figure made by Hasbro, the same company that produced the various G.I. Joe lines.  They were culled from three toy sellers who had large selections of action figures and I picked out Joes that were outfitted for space, air or underwater travel.  The glaring exception is the shirtless Joe with the green hat.  They are all from the “Real American Hero” line, released by Hasbro in 1982.  I combed swap-o-rama looking for the original 12 inch version but it seems the 3 3/4 inch version is much more readily available.  For those of you not familiar with G.I. Joe, The Real American Hero please go to for the intro to season 1 of the cartoon.

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