S&H Green Stamps Books [Adam Farcus]

The S&H green stamps where made famous in Andy Warhol’s S & H Green Stamps as seen here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330273369097.

I found it really difficult to find anything that I wanted to buy that would enrich my work or my established collections.  To avoid just adding to a pile of things in my studio and spending money on things that I do not really want I have posted my S&H Green Stamp books on ebay for sale; to make my money back and further perpetuate the marking up of collectibles and add to the slew of other S&H related postings.

My 1st ebay post

3 responses to “S&H Green Stamps Books [Adam Farcus]

  1. I disagree with your assertion that S & H Green stamps were “made famous in Andy Warhol’s S & H Green Stamps”. Actually S & H Green Stamps were popular simply because of what they were: coupons redeemable for value in a merchandise catalog. They were popular at the time because many retailers signed on to this program. Your assertion is similar to saying that Marilyn Monroe or Chairman Mao was made famous by Warhol’s work, and therefore exactly missing the point. He was actually playing with the idea of people and things that were already famous. His commentary was a reaction to a saturation of mass media which had been all the more punctuated by this new thing called television in the 1950-1960s era. The relevance of S&H Green stamps as objects may have fallen off, but they are remembered as popular culture by people who I am sure never heard of this relatively minor Warhol work, including me.

    Read here for fond memories of S&H:

    And here for the Starsky and Hutch trivia which totally trumps the Warhol connection, if you ask me:

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