icy things to do – rebecca grady

images collected from harold washington library’s image collection:

i’m looking for some exciting things to do on the ice or snow this winter. i don’t really like skiing. but i’m keen on trying some iceberg archery.

2 responses to “icy things to do – rebecca grady

  1. One of my favorite stamps ever is the U.S. 1985 Iceboat, part of the very excellent transportation series. I’ve seen iceboats in action (Green Lake, WI) and they are serenely beautiful to behold, the way they glide over the ice. I think the stamp captures this mood perfectly.

    An inspiring collection, but I kinda wonder if the iceberg archery isn’t harpooning baby seals or something similar?? The red blood seems to suggest that. You might want to revisit that idea.

  2. that stamp is great. thanks.
    the archer is actually hunting the iceberg. his arrow has red dye on it. he’s trying to stain the iceberg so that it can be tracked from the air. there were some other great pictures in the article that included someone dropping a glass jar of dye from an airplane onto an iceberg.

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