Raychael Stine, Collection 3, Swap-O-Rama. Sexualized children, Infatilized sexuality.

I found these little boys underwear with the fake brand name of “Cupid Boy.”  These little miniaturized versions of sexy mens underwear for small boys really creaped me out.  It is ambiguous to me whether this depiction is intentional or not.  It got me thinking about the sexualization of children, and also the infantilization of adult sexuality.  Dora the Explorer is for children from age 3 to about 8. To bring a gender balance to my collection, I found tiny padded Bra’s with Dora the Explorer decals,  and  bras and panties with other Charachters that adults arent usually atracted to.  Would a grown woman wear a Dora bra?  And if not, Why give such padded and sexy bras to a very young girl, if that is what these are for? These bra’s match many sets of girls “day of the week” panties.  Wierd.

2 responses to “Raychael Stine, Collection 3, Swap-O-Rama. Sexualized children, Infatilized sexuality.

  1. Who would have thought that underwear for children and its packaging could be anything other than innocuous. Your point is made clear by your post, however, and the advertising images of the boys are indeed strangely disturbing.

  2. The discovery, in class, that the tight underwear appeared to be photoshopped onto some, if not all, of the boys still blows my mind. So many unanswered questions. What were the boys wearing before? What parents let their kids pose for underwear ads? Why do some of the kids look sweaty?

    While those items caught my eye at Swap-O-Rama as well, in the full tilt shopping environment of the place, it can be very hard to slow down and look at an object more carefully and think about it. Purchasing these particular objects and taking them to a more isolated place where we could really look at and think and talk about them was very useful. Seen alone and out of context, they become even more creepy and seem almost not quite real.

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