Collection 3: Guns Guns Guns

I was interested in the toy stalls at Swap-o-Rama and the similarity of the items offered at each: car/trucks, figures, guns. I purchased a couple my first trip a week ago and a few more today. I supplemented the collection with similar cheap plastic guns by visiting other thrift/dollar stores later. This summer I had the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of pistols and rifles at a firing range in Georgia. These toy guns are very small but some are surprizing in their technical detail. Others are see-through and fantastical

– Adam Trowbridge

2 responses to “Collection 3: Guns Guns Guns

  1. It is sad to see the near limitless variety of death machines. I’m not sure which end of the spectrum chills me the most: the realistic police-threatening devices (that may prompt an actual shoot to kill reaction from police), or the fantastic guns that inspire the imagination and teach children to dream of ever more inventive ways to kill.

  2. An interesting change happens with the gun that is photographed (or scanned) in black and white. With the hand holding it, and the lack of color (and less of a clear sense of the surface qualities of the object) it starts to look like a police evidence photo and the gun becomes more realistic than the others.

    So far we’ve placed most of the emphasis on building collections from different sources but not as much time has been spent developing different presentation strategies. It means something different to see these guns in photos, or being held by a real person’s hand, than to see them as inanimate objects in person.

    How these objects get presented (and whether or not you even include the actual objects, vs. documentation of them) will go a long way toward where you want to direct the viewer and what aspects of the objects you might want to highlight.

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