Collection 2: Sensation Movie Based on Many-Spired Church

This collection began with the first image of the “Many Spired Church” (above). It appears to be an extrestrial crater. After selecting this image, I went though nearly every drawer of the metacollection and looked for images that matched this image. Eventually I realized I was looking for the sensation of movie stills. I decided to form a collection of stills from a movie that did not necessarily convey a singular narrative but still appeared to relate to one another as movie stills. This collection was, of course, partially inspired by La Jetée

– Adam Trowbridge


One response to “Collection 2: Sensation Movie Based on Many-Spired Church

  1. Hey, don’t forget to include your name with these posts, Adam Trowbridge.

    Many of these photos really do have the quality of film stills – particularly, as I mentioned in class, the horizontal images that evoke a wide-screen. The image labeled “Tunnels” is one of the strongest to my eye.

    One of the struggles I have had with the Harold Washington Library Picture Collection is that the photos are uncropped most of the time and when I used photos from the collection in the pre-scanner days, I always wanted to remove parts of each image to focus on just one aspect of the larger whole – or to reframe some part of the content (collecting seems to always involve some element of controlling the stuff you are collecting).

    Creating a film-like image sequence with this material is a rich idea. If you continue with it, scanning the photos in order to frame them in a more precise way, or perhaps cutting mats to place over them in order to make a window that blocks out other content, might be a way to enhance the impact of some of your selections or create a consistent scale and set of proportions from one found image to the next. It really helps that all of these photos are black and white. This makes them cohere as a set. Even the drawings and diagrams, when they are in a horizontal format, feel pretty smoothly incorporated among the photos.

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