Imagine a world without guns, just fists- Maria Jonsson

One response to “Imagine a world without guns, just fists- Maria Jonsson

  1. This post becomes fairly abstract without a bit more context or some captions. For example, where is the fist sculpture located? How do the aerial photos and the street scene of Detroit figure into this? Is the collection about Joe Louis (note the spelling of his name in the images is incorrect), Detroit, urban blight and violence, the raised fist Black power salute, fists in general, or public sculpture?

    To make some of these connections, 16 images may not be enough – and more images might be needed to connect the multiple narratives that are in play here. But it’s also possible that the story you are trying to tell needs more than just images and a title. When we click on each image, the picture file itself has a title, but in most cases it’s not very helpful toward unlocking a larger narrative.

    By the way, of possible interest, I recently visited Reckless Records on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park and on the left-hand wall – just before the counter, they have a collection of album covers that feature images of fists. Maybe 20 records altogether? I can think of a bunch of records they are missing, but you might find it to be worth a visit.

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