ship skeletons and swimming horses

i made two collections and couldn’t decide which one to post. so you get both.


2 responses to “ship skeletons and swimming horses

  1. No problem about picking two themes – ambition is good! The ship skeletons are particularly interesting to see (from a personal bias).

    The inclusion of a drawing (or painting or print – not sure which) and a much older photo in the Horses collection opens things up a bit and points to a broader span of sources, which makes the rest of the photos seem fairly similar in attitude, tone and style. Those two images create an imbalance that makes me curious to see a much broader span of image sources or qualities. The woman riding the horse through water – though it doesn’t look like it was taken from a movie – points to what is probably a huge film cliché of people galloping through low water on horseback. It might be compelling to see a few film stills of this to compare the tone of those photos to these more amateurish photos of the same thing.

    Likewise, the ship skeletons surely came from multiple photographers but they all kind of blend together as one way of looking at the subject. This is neither good nor bad – it cancels out the kind of dissonance a collection can have when the move from one kind of source to another is too extreme, but the similarity of approach makes me curious about what other kinds of images of ship skeletons exist.

  2. A fascinating juxtaposition of themes, to be sure. I wonder if the connection is just water, or is it also movement (transportation), or even skeletal. How would a fish be different? Perhaps a horse, like a ship or boat is only partially submerged. I’ll note that #4 and #12 don’t actually look like ship skeletons to me. They look like some sort of insidious anti-amphibian-landing devices (like the things you see at parking lot exits that destroy your tires or anti-pigeon devices found around window sills and the like). But I could be wrong.

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