Wishlist of People to Play at My Wedding

These are folks that if the stars would align, I would want to play at my wedding.  Ordered from most (distance from reception site, my impressions having met them)  to least likely to accept offer (this will change from time to time).  I have asked David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), but no response yet.  I was told he might actually do this kind of thing.  Enjoy!

ps…this list is MY list…my fiancee and I have some disagreements, namely G. Coxon…

One response to “Wishlist of People to Play at My Wedding

  1. I think this functions a bit more like a visual list, as I think Randall may have pointed out. As a viewer, the content is mainly personal and it doesn’t give me many points of entry, except to perhaps assess for myself what I think of each performer, or what I think they might add to or detract from a wedding.

    A list like this, similar perhaps to something like a shopping list, might gain from being able to see a variety of other lists alongside it that one could compare it to. When one sees multiple shopping lists – perhaps prepared by a wide variety people – it becomes possible to start thinking about larger issues like race or class, or how people’s tastes might change with age, or the city or the country they are based in. To see a listing that only shows your taste in music, becomes fairly limited. Obviously one’s biases and personal taste will inform any collection, but if you can think of ways to expand a bit further outward, this might give outside viewers more elements to consider.

    Also, don’t forget to add your name with your post.

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