Sneeze Collection – Alejandro Borsani

2 responses to “Sneeze Collection – Alejandro Borsani

  1. I like your clearly defined sections: microspray photography that really focusses on the sneeze itself, covering up the sneeze with tissue or hanky, animals sneezing, and then illustrations of sneeze. On the other hand, the bear fits in with the microsneeze photos, and some of the illustrations depitct animals, so they could be shuffled around.

  2. An enjoyable collection.

    The first 12 photos feel like an ample selection to convey the more scientific kind of photography. Things open up a bit more with the inclusion of animals and drawings – and of human body gestures beyond the spraying. I’d be curious to see a larger collection of drawn representations.

    With more examples from comic books, one could, for example, build an entire lexicon of phonetic sneezing noises. So far we have:


    If you wanted to really ‘split hairs’, you could look at comics from other countries and see how they write this and build a sizable list, which might be a lot of fun to see.

    Good work.

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