Pool Pics Surprise

3 responses to “Pool Pics Surprise

  1. It is an interesting “surprise” you offer here, jmclean17. There is a certain poetic justice in these images. They make me feel both happy and sad.

  2. This is a great collection of images and a powerful and unsettling idea – made stronger by the number and variety of photos. I wouldn’t have thought that a collection of people playing and relaxing around a pool could generate such moral turmoil. On one hand, these images absolutely disgust me and fill me with real shame and sadness – to see Americans hanging around, playing and chilling out in a country we’ve destroyed, enjoying the spoils of the people we’ve killed (not that Uday wasn’t also despicable). On the other hand, it’s possible to view the US soldiers as victims too – many forced to serve by poverty – and swimming in a giant pool on a huge estate is a luxury they could probably never enjoy in their own country, but there is a strong level of guilt that comes with that pleasure. And then there is the image of Iraqi children swimming in the newly reopened pool – which adds another level of moral complication.

    I appreciate the captions that are included with some of the photos. These are helpful. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “Surprise”. My assumption is that the location, Iraq, is the intended shocker in this grouping.

  3. Thanks for your comments. You’re correct, the surprise was supposed to be the realization of where and who the swimmers are (the ordering of the images aided this as more of the background and uniforms, etc. are revealed). However, I’m not sure that I would continue with that system of showing the images and my title for the collection might be a bit light considering the subject material.
    Actually, I have a lot more which include civilians playing in palace pools that are now open to the public. I agree about the moral turmoil generated by these images, I’ve been fascinated with them for over a year now.

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