Me and My Snowcock – Michael Sirianni

2 responses to “Me and My Snowcock – Michael Sirianni

  1. The interactions of people with the snowcocks could be categorized as follows: people hugging snowcock, licking (or sucking) snowcock, posing with snowcock. Also, in one case, there are multiple snowcocks. More typically, groups of people interact with a single snowcock, and then single person, single snowcock. Also it is not clear in each photo that the human subjects in the photos are actually the creators of the “sculpture”. It some cases it could very well be that the snowcock in question could be in a semi-public place as a prank, and random passersby thought it would be a good idea to photograph themselves with their found subject matter.

    disclaimer: I think this is quite juvenile subject matter, actually

  2. This collection – perhaps more like an accumulation – of evidence of a behavioral trend, reminds me of the feeling I get from websites like, or the myriad sites that show photos of people that have passed out drunk and then been covered with objects or obnoxious drawings by their ‘friends’. For me there is usually an initial feeling of amusement that usually gives way to a kind of depression – as the photos all begin to feel kind of similar. What must have struck the participants as the most creative thing in the world to be doing at the time, turns out to be a sort of juvenile rite of passage that lots of people have done and it all feels more or less the same.

    Your post makes for a great compilation, but it also doesn’t feel like it would ever need to be extended with more photos. It leaves me feeling like I know more than enough, possibly too much, and I’m ready for something else.

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