Jeremiah Spofford – Jet Pack















3 responses to “Jeremiah Spofford – Jet Pack

  1. boba fett for the win

  2. Neat-o. I was amazed to read the wikipedia entry for “jet pack” and find so much material there. I wonder if there are true science, science fiction, and fantasy categories here? Or how easy it would be to tell them apart. Reminds me in a way of Adam Farcus’s “uncanny” collection in that way.

  3. A solid selection on an interesting topic. The collection is helped by what looks to be a relatively wide historical span (maybe 50 years?) and an array of different image types, including a drawing and diagram or two. Seeing a couple artists’ representations like that makes me hunger for a few more.

    While perhaps not possible given the internet source of the material, it might be interesting to see the images arranged chronologically to assess roughly how the thinking may have changed over the years. Might not be something one could readily assess in these single photos but many of the designs seem to have similar components and thinking at work – for example, the near-constant inclusion of hand grip controls. If you wanted to continue working with this idea you might see if Harold Washington Library has any images of Jet Packs in the Picture Collection. There you would probably find older material, and more illustrations.

    Good work.

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