Raychael Stine:Rodent ready to wear. People wearing mice and making mice wear people and mice.

5 responses to “Raychael Stine:Rodent ready to wear. People wearing mice and making mice wear people and mice.

  1. This is my first blog post ever.

  2. I’ll never think about my Mickey Mouse t-shirt in quite the same way ever again.

  3. Though you were not asked to provide additional information, some of these photos are really begging for it. What the hell is a live rodent neck warmer?! Please tell me this isn’t real.

    The plays back and forth between strange adornments like the rat paw jewelry item and disturbing medical experiments like the human ear – or surgically-crafted ear – living parasitically on a mouse, bleed into each other to give the series a psychological charge as a whole that might not exist in some of those images individually. This tiny image formatting on the blog doesn’t really do the series any favors for a collection like this. I’m not sure if there is a way to resolve that, but this kind of collection would certainly have more impact if the photos were larger and could be related to each other easily in a bigger format.

    By the way, nice work on the amazing Swamp Dogg album cover (I really want that record). Also, if you haven’t seen it, you may want to rent “Food of the Gods” as soon as possible. Its unbelievably sleazy poster, which pretty much shows a woman that is about to be raped by a huge rat, is something that only the 1970s could have given us. “Willard” and “Ben” might also be of interest.

    “Food of the Gods” poster

  4. I’m pretty certain that the mini-leather jacket was created by an Australian bio-art group, Symbiotica. And, if it makes anyone feel better, I think that it maybe was generated from stem cells, as it is supposed to be “guilt-free leather” (no dead cows harvested).
    Sorry republicans!

  5. Yes, Jessie is right! If anyone would like to read about this stem cell-created living mouse coat, (well, not living anymore) you can read about it here. I will put more information up about some of the other images in the set.


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