Image Collection: Moore: Product Identity: Erica


All objects shown are known as “Erica” in their respective collections.

4 responses to “Image Collection: Moore: Product Identity: Erica

  1. The most successful are the ones that actually say Erica on them, even if they’re just titles or captions (like the Erica Starter Pack). Otherwise, the images themselves are a bit of a stretch. The words matter because this collection about the appellation; the images are really secondary.

  2. I would argue that the images themselves are important, if not individually, then as a group. I attempted to create a narrative that unfolds with each successive image. Perhaps this isn’t as obvious as I intended? I agree that the words matter, even though they are only present on a few images, I feel like they (in conjunction with the title) point to the focus of the collection. However, I didn’t see the need to add words to images that didn’t already have them.

  3. Oh the narrative! Yes I get it now – absolutely did not connect the narrative on the first reading, but now I see how the images are in a pretty specific order from the first to the last. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. This is an intriguing organizing principle for a collection. The range of items is broad and seemingly arbitrary enough to make me wonder what another collection of objects sharing an identical name might look like and how it might compare. Though this grouping is functional under its spare title/context, it would have been interesting to me to know who makes or sells each item. Does the name “Erica” get tacked onto mainly luxury items, do cheaper models consistently have a different name associated with them? Knowing some of the sources of these products might help the viewer conduct their own comparative research. Still, this is a nice framework for a collection of items.

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