Erik Peterson – Many Metal Hats

Our heads are made of simply bone and flesh, our hats should be made of metal.  Used for thinking, for protection, for fun, for war, or for shining reflective clarity, metal hats have one thing in common, they are made of metal.

3 responses to “Erik Peterson – Many Metal Hats

  1. I am Erik Peterson. I am the author of this post. This is my first blog post ever.

  2. There are a couple basic categories here – colander as hat, and helmets (military, etc.) and various others. The Metallica hat made me think twice. At first I though, oh Metal-lica hat, but then I realized it is a “metal hat” as in heavy metal. The museum hats look like leather to me.

  3. This is a solid array of images and I appreciate that there is a fairly wide variety of historical material work here. The inclusion of a “high hat” cymbal is a clever visual pun, as is the Metallica hat, and I particularly enjoy the inclusion of the Dada collage (by Hannah Höch?). One of the challenges of looking for images on the Internet is that too often, almost all of the material that pops up will have been generated in the last 10 years or so, often since the popularization of digital cameras. The more you can include things like the Dada collage, or some of the older black and white photographic material, the greater the range of ‘textural’ qualities the collection will have.

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