Randall – Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters

Thought you all might enjoy this bit of Leslie Hall genius:

8 responses to “Randall – Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters

  1. Andrew Oleksiuk

    It’s not really about the gem sweaters, though is it. It’s about the goofy looking woman who weems to be poking some fun at herself as this video seems to illustrates. Sorry but this website ain’t really showing me the love of the sweaters themselves.

  2. dilettanteventures

    No, no, of course the collection is not purely about collecting based on “love.” Leslie Hall has constructed an entire universe for her character to inhabit. The sweaters are props, but not merely so. I can appreciate the collection despite the irony, and can see it as enhanced by it as well.

  3. Andrew Oleksiuk

    Yes the collection is definitely enhanced by Leslie Hall’s extended persona; I’ll agree to that. Only after watching the music video and a few other things was I able to contextualize Leslie as the gem sweater goddess that she is. In that spirit, here’s a photo of me with the Be-Dazzler.

  4. Here is a link to the aforementioned image.

    The Be-Dazzler is a krafting device used to make gem sweaters. I just happened to have one lying around. Go figure.

  5. I love the expression on her face in contrast to the names of the sweaters. Clearly, collecting 400+ sweaters implies a level of seriousness in her practice. Her humor and sense of whimsy is alluded to by the “titles” of each “piece” and echoed in the other projects I saw on her website. I was totally unaware of Leslie Hall prior to you passing the gem. Am I the only one living in the cave?

  6. Leslie Hall’s music is disarming in a way that I’m not sure I’ll ever know quite how to handle. I continue to try, however.

    The Gem Sweaters have also been turned into an exhibition with a variety of museum display trappings:

  7. I am amazed at how well all the shirts look. They are well kept and sized to perfection. Most of the time if you are to look for such items in a thrift store they never fit.

  8. I wanted to say “how well all the shirts fit”.

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